Coast to coast coverage and flexible plans that move as fast as you do.

  • Use in cellular enabled tablets for EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).
  • Enhance business passenger productivity.
  • Connect and synchronize onboard systems and inflight applications pre-flight. 
  • Works with in-flight broadband 4G solutions.


New users add a SIM card to your order

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AmeriCast SIM Card
AmeriCast SIM Card

AmeriCast SIM Card

  • Triple Cut SIM Card.
  • Contains all three sizes, nano, micro, and standard.


Choose how many GB (Gigabytes) you want for the next 30-Days.

T-Mobile Data Plan - 30 days
T-Mobile Data Plan - 30 days

T-Mobile Data Plan - 30 days

  • 5G/4G Compatible.
  • Domestic Data - US only.
  • Additional Data can be added at any time.
  • Unthrottled (unrestricted), speeds based on device and local cellular tower.
  • Data expires 30 days after activation.
  • 500Gb plan may take up to 48hrs. to activate, auto-renew available upon request.
  • A $20 non-refundable activation fee is included in the price.


After you place your order you will receive your SIM card in the mail, when you're ready to use your data simply use the activation page to turn on your plan.